Rangers Sign Jonathan Quick to One-Year Deal

The New York Rangers have a new backup goaltender, and his name is Jonathan Quick.

Quick spent his entire career with the Los Angeles Kings before being traded at the deadline to the Columbus Blue Jackets. He was quickly flipped to the Vegas Golden Knights where he appeared in 10 regular season games before serving as a backup en route to his third Stanley Cup.

Quick finished the season 16-15-6 with a .882 save percentage and a 3.41 goals against average. He was -23.18 goals saved above average, and -15.45 goals saved above expected.

In short, this is a very cheap contract including potential bonuses. If it doesn't work out Quick will be replaced... quickly. He grew up a Rangers fan in Connecticut, making this feel like a chance for him to live out a lifelong dream while also hoping that Benoit Allaire can make him somewhat serviceable.

It'll be weird seeing Quick in a Rangers uniform. But it will be corrected if things go poorly. We'll see what happens.