Rangers Speculation: Greg's Rumor Chart Updated

Please be advised that these are rumors and we are not claiming in any way that any of which is posted below will come to fruition. This is based on what I am hearing from sources both public and private inside certain organizations. Just wanted to condense them all in one article so we can keep track of them as the hours go by.

Involving the Rangers

1. Rangers are going full throttle after David Booth of the Florida Panthers. I wish they were not because I don't want to risk trading for a player that has spent more than half the season on the IR with a concussion. Names involved to be going the other way are Dan Girardi. But keep in mind that Girardi has been thrown around all over the place. Nathan Horton's name has also been more prevalent, but again, he is coming off a broken leg so I wouldn't risk it. Here's a name to consider that hasn't been mentioned: Gregory Campbell, a center whose dad coached the New York Rangers and won a Cup in 1994 as the assistant.

2. Rangers are in serious talks with the San Jose Sharks, inquiring about both Devin Setoguchi and Joe Pavelski. They will most likely have to settle for one or the other, but will probably have a better chance at Setoguchi. The price may be too high for Pavelski, but if San Jose wants to really move him (for reasons unknown to me), then Dubinsky and Girardi would be the combination headed out west.

3. What would a deadline be without Oilers and Coyotes speculation ? At least there's no Ed Jovanovski rumors this time (watch him finally get dealt here after years of deadline rumors). Obvious names being thrown around from up north are Sheldon Souray and Andrew Cogliano. This trade, along with number 2, both hinge on each other because the Rangers only have a select group they are willing to deal. Peter Mueller from Phoenix has also been tossed around.