Rangers Vs. Lightning: Keys To The Game

The New York Rangers will take to their home ice once again tonight as they face-off against the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Rangers are coming off of a very heartbreaking loss to the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday evening. With that said, here are tonight's keys to the game.

Let Anger Fuel The Engery: Pretty sure every single Ranger fan across the globe was annoyed at the controversial call that wound up costing the Rangers a point on Tueday. Also, the players themselves are pretty up tight about it as well. They've done it in the past, and they can do it again tonight, they need to use their anger from last game, and let it carry them tonight. I can see them having a huge turnaround game tonight.

Power Play Issues: According to John Tortorella, they worked on the power play in practice once again yesterday afternoon. He stated that it looked better then the first time that they had worked on it. So hopefully, they can FINALLY put a puck in the net tonight, with the man-advantage. Specials teams can single handily win games, as we saw on Tuesday night as well.

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Get Zone Time: The Rangers had a hard time gaining the zone last game against the Devils, and they need to avoid that here tonight. The Lightning are another type of team that likes to trap their opponents in the neutral zone. They need to find a way around that game, get into the zone, and control the play. If they can do that, they will put a couple on the board tonight.