Rangers Vs. Penguins: Fleury, Penguins Shutout and Shut Down Rangers 2-0

If you missed the New York Rangers loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight, well....you didn't exactly miss much. The Rangers were out played, and in my opinion it looked like they were out worked throughout the entire game.

Marc-Andre Fleury had a terrific game, and the Rangers simply could not get the puck into the net. The power play was awful, and the penalty kill wasn't exactly amazing either.

Henrik Lundqvist was the King, but even he could not stop an Evgeni Malkin breakaway and a Steve Sullivan score. Not going to blame this one on Hank.

Anyway, there's not much more I can say about this loss, other than I fear it will lead the Rangers to make a stupid trade. The Rangers need a scorer, but not at the price of (insert name of often talked about Columbus Blue Jackets scorer) which is just too much.

Hopefully the Rangers come out firing vs. the Islanders on Friday, and hopefully the team doesn't make a mistake at the Deadline.