Rangers Vs. Senators: Let This One Be A Lesson

Notes from the Rangers' loss to the Senators.

- I'm going to throw this at the top because it's the most important part of Friday night's loss. The New York Rangers lost the game because they were exhausted. John Tortorella essentially rode two lines in the third period Thursday night in the win over the New York Islanders. He tried to do the same thing Friday and it backfired hard. The Rangers were exhausted most of the game, but especially in the third period. They stood around, watched the puck, made poor decisions and glided to where they had to go. The Rangers had four players with less than 10 minutes of ice time Friday, one of them being a defenseman, you can't play Tortorella's style and win hockey games like that. You have to roll four lines, you just have to.

- Henrik Lundqvist was really, really good. One of the bright spots in the game. He was asked to do a lot, especially with the Rangers' lapses defensively, and stood tall when they needed him. There wasn't much he could do about the three goals scored against him.

- Rick Nash was great again. Forget the goal he scored -- honestly, he's lucky it went it -- he just makes things happen every time he touches the puck. Every. Single. Time.

- Marian Gaborik looked alright. Not great, but certianly not bad.

- Derek Stepan played really, really good in my opinion. He missed one chance in the third, and got absolutely robbed on another, but he made things happen all night. He also won 50% of his draws.

- Brad Richards had an up and down game. He scored a great goal, but still isn't completely there yet. I think he's getting into his own head quite a bit, and it showed in his outing with the media after the game. It's killing him that he's not doing better. He got mauled on the dot, too. Won only 36% of his faceoffs. He did, however, take six shots, that's a good sign in my eyes.

- Carl Hagelin looked good again. He used his speed and some slick moved to help the Rangers tie the game at two.

- Michael Del Zotto didn't have a bad game. Yes, he hit the post on a great chance when he was the trailer (that's a tougher shot than you think it is, especially when you're trying to get it off faster than the goalie can move to your side), but I thought he was good overall.

- Don't know why Roman Hamrlik didn't play more than eight minutes. I know he took a rough penalty, and he also looked a little tired, but the Rangers need to use him more. Balance is important, especially defensively without Marc Staal.

- This is a rough game to lose, but it might kick this team back into gear a little. Maybe them being flat was the result of fatigue, but the Rangers can't keep falling into early holes. It's killing them. The good news, however, is that they didn't play bad, they were just tired.

- Dave Lozo had some interesting things to say about the Rangers, and I agree with him. Tortorella won the Cup with a "safe is death" montra. Why wouldn't he try this now? The Rangers have too much talent to sit on their heels. Granted, Friday night was more the result of them being tired than anything else, but they're too talented to be sitting back and waiting for their opportunities.