Report: Rangers signing Sam Carrick

For the Rangers' first signing of July, it's been reported, first by Andy Strickland, they will be signing Sam Carrick, who played in Anaheim in the regular season before being traded to the Oilers. David Pagnotta reported the deal is coming in at 3 years for a total contract value of $3M.

Carrick had 10 goals and 16 points in 77 games played this past regular season. He also played 10 games in the postseason with the Edmonton Oilers, where he had 1 assist and 0.67 xG (via Project 94 Hockey). The center took 1780 face-offs in the entire season with both the Ducks and Oilers, winning 58% of his face-offs in the offensive zone. This will add solid center depth for the Rangers and at $1M AAV, the contract could be low risk, high reward. As with the Oilers, he can be extremely valuable in a late run and plug in where necessary for matchups or otherwise.