Rick Nash Suffered A Concussion This Season

Well it turns out Nash WAS seriously injured this season...

Larry Brooks of the New York Post confirmed what many Ranger fans had suspected, Rick Nash suffered a concussion this season. Rangers GM Glen Sather revealed that Nash suffered a concussion after being "rammed from behind" by Lucic on February 12th, 2013 just twelve games into the Rangers season.

Meanwhile, Sather confirmed Rick Nash had indeed suffered a concussion when his head was slammed into the glass by Milan Lucic in Boston on Feb. 12 in the club’s 12th game of the regular season.

"That’s when a lot of the injuries started," Sather said. "When Lucic rammed Nash from behind and gave him a concussion."

(NOTE: The date of this video is incorrect, the Rangers played the Bruins 2/12/2013)

There was plenty of speculation and concern that Nash had suffered a concussion and that is why we was out of the lineup. Andrew Gross tweeted the following during Nash's absence from the lineup on February 26th:

What is amazing is that Nash had two assists in the two games he played after being concussed from Lucic and then, after being out of the lineup for four games, returned to score six goals in his next five games. It is difficult to say if Nash struggled with lingering effects of the concussion throughout the season because of the nature of concussions and without knowing the severity of Nash's concussion but one would hope and expect that the organization would protect Nash and keep him out of the lineup if he wasn't feeling well enough to play.

If we hear any more information about Rangers other injuries or developments on this story we will be sure to keep you all informed.

So what do you guys think of this news? How do we feel about Nash playing two games after suffering a concussion and THEN being held out of the lineup for four games? What do we think of the hit (not entirely sure this is the hit in question but it was all I could find)? How scary are concussions and do teams take them seriously enough?

Have at it in the comments.

Let's go Rangers.