Saturday Morning Cartoon: Drury Gallery Part 1

For those of you who didn't listen to Blueshirt Banter Radio on Wednesday (by the way everyone here should listen to Banter Radio) Jim went off on a short but hilarious rant about Chris Drury. How can we get away with scratching our captain? Jim's solution is both elegant and hilarious, "Don't call it the press box, call it the bridge." I can picture it now, during the warm-up for the Rangers next game, Jim's voice fills the Garden, "Go up to the bridge captain. Captain, you're needed on the bridge." See the 'cartoons' after the jump...

I immediately pictured Drury dressed up like the Sea Captain from the Simpsons... and an idea was born.

I present to you Part One of a small art gallery dedicated to our inadequate captain.

[NOTE: This was prepared prior to the news about Drury's injury and him being a scratch for this afternoon's game]

Sea Captain Drury.

Captain Dru-Planet.

And... Captain Clutch Crunch.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of the Drury Gallery next Saturday! Let me know which Drury is your favorite.