Saturday Morning Cartoon: Drury Gallery Part 2

A week has passed and hopefully that was enough time for you to digest Saturday Morning Cartoon: Drury Gallery Part 1. It seems like the favorite from the first gallery was 'Sea Captain Drury'. He looks dapper doesn't he? I think it is the corn cob pipe, there is also so much hope and promise in his eyes... that is because the photo was taken during the press conference that featured the newly-signed Chris Drury and Scott Gomez wearing their jerseys in 2007. What a dark day in New York Rangers history that was.

It is now time to present you with the second part of the 'Chris Drury Gallery', at the end of the gallery I will put up a link to the first gallery and a poll so we can determine which Drury is Blueshirt Banter's favorite, because it clearly isn't the one that has a 'C' on his jersey and plays for the New York Rangers. Join me for the gallery after the jump...

Captain Cave-Drury...

Captain Chris Sparrow (just in time for the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie)...

...And finally, just for Jim, Captain James Tiberius Drury.

I hope you guys enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed making them for you. I want to point out (again) that this idea was launches and all of the images were put together before the news of Chris Drury's injury, my intent was not to kick a man while he is down, especially the team's captain. In case you guys haven't heard the current update on Drury is that it is his left knee that is getting worked on and he will be out for six weeks. All of that being said, I think humor is a wonderful thing, and above all things it is a great stress reliever. I think it is safe to say that we can all do with a little stress relief regarding Chris Drury and his role on the Rangers.

All that is left now is to crown a champion, which Drury is your favorite? (Chris Drury Gallery Part 1 for the first three Drurys)

Sea Captain Drury29
Captain Dru-Planet8
Captain Crunch58
Captain Cave Drury10
Captain Chris Sparrow40
Captain James Tiberius Drury65