Saturday Morning Open Thread: Still Not Much Going On

It's still quiet. So ... that's not good for my job.

Well, we're getting to the point in the offseason when there's literally nothing to talk about. Here's the top three things upcoming for the New York Rangers in terms of news:

1) Derek Stepan's negotiations/contract talks.

2) The lineup for the Traverse City tournament.

3) Did I mention Stepan's negotiations, yet?

Of course there's also the Henrik Lundqvist extension we're hoping to see sometime soon, and maybe a hint or comment on some of the prospects or kids the Rangers are expecting to see next year. Personally, the Traverse City lineup is really interesting for me. Especially since the Rangers allegedly had an agreement with prospect Sergei Tolchinsky that he would play for them in the tournament.

Remember, the Rangers didn't sign him to a contract after prospects camp, and he did go to the Carolina Hurricanes. So both the Rangers and Hurricanes can offer him a contract. We'll see what's happening here sooner rather than later.

Anyway, thoughts guys?