SCF Open Thread: Game Five

We're all knotted up and headed back to Chi-town.

So... how about that picture huh? I just use what SB Nation provides... so I can't get in trouble for using this picture, right... right? If I lose my job I want you all to know that I love you and that it was an honor writing for you my friends... an honor and a privilege.

Man, it has been awhile since I watched Titanic. I remember being in school and every girl singing "My Heart Will Go On" in the talent show. I was in stagecrew and by the time the talent show finally happened I am pretty sure I was shoving shards of glass into my ears to escape the pain of what sounded like screeching bat-monsters trying to communicate with each other in the spirit plane.

I guess I should talk about tonight's game at some point here, huh? Okay.

The Blackhawks won it in overtime in Game Four in Boston to send it back to Chicago with the series all tied up at 2-2. So far, Game Four was the most offensively explosive game and we got to see some questionable goaltending and defense from both teams after the first three games of the series were dominated by tight and stingy play. I am not sure what kind of hockey we'll be in store for tonight but I am sure it will be entertaining and we almost certainly won't see 11 goals again... tonight we'll see 34 goals.

My prediction for tonight's game is that the Blackhawks take the lead with the home ice advantage and go up 3-2 and look to finish things up on Monday at Boston but I haven't been right with any of my predictions so who knows who wins tonight's game. The chances that centaurs are going to reveal themselves to humanity during the first intermission of Game Five and butcher us in the streets... turning our cities into abattoirs filled with the sound of thundering hooves and blood-curdling screams are greater than me predicting what happens in this series. Well maybe not the whole murder-us-in-the-streets-thing but the chances that centaurs are real are about equal to my guessing what happens tonight. What I can tell you, with certainty, is that there is a hockey game tonight and the teams that are playing are the Bruins and the Blackhawks. Isn't that good enough for you guys? Isn't that enough? I TRY SO HARD FOR YOU GUYS.

Composure Mike, composure... anyways...

To follow the action and catch up on developing stories check out the two outstanding SB Nation blogs that cover the teams in the finals.

The Stanley Cup of Chowder covering the Boston Bruins.

Second City Hockey covering the Chicago Blackhawks.

Remember to enjoy the game, be civil and respectful to one another, and please observe the Community Guidelines. Watch out for centaurs, those guys are real a-holes.

Let's go hockey!