Stepan Behind the Mic returns with Super Bowl predictions

The number of Boston boys on the Rangers, man...

Stepan Behind the Mic is back! And it’s a timely subject for Derek Stepan today, as he went around the locker room collecting the rest of the New York Rangers’ predictions for the Super Bowl.

First off: oh, it’s just the best to see Stepan having fun with the mic again - even if he is a bit out of practice, with his notes not being much help and messing up poor Luke Clendening’s name. (He nailed Brady Skajay, though.)

Anyway, it’s probably no surprise that this is a locker room that heavily favorites the Patriots. Not only are they the favored team in general, but the Rangers have noted Bostonians Kevin Hayes, Jimmy Vesey, and Chris Kreider on their team, and that may have influenced some guys.

It looks like it definitely influence Pavel Buchnevich, who may not even have any idea what’s actually going on. He had Kreider sitting next to him, after all, and Kreider predicted the Pats would score “all the points,” so...

That said, there are a couple of faces in there who think the Falcons will win - and Ryan McDonagh got a very loud “boooo!!” after he said that.

J.T. Miller probably had the best answer of them all, though: Houston’s the home team, so Houston’s gonna take it.

The real winners of today? Us, for getting to watch another Stepan Behind the Mic. He’s still perfect.