Stepan, McDonagh take on Vesey, Hayes in an all-Rangers NHL17 battle

No matter what, the Rangers are gonna win!

Even on the New York Rangers, they can be divided.

I mean, not really. Not where it counts. But when it comes to the fun stuff - like, say, video games - the guys are simply going to have to compete against one another, rather than for each other.

To that end, I present Bostonian children Jimmy Vesey and Kevin Hayes vs. Minnesotan adults Derek Stepan and Ryan McDonagh playing NHL17 against each other.

Okay, now this is just fun. There’s so much yelling - especially from Hayes, he is incredibly loud and animated - and a lot of celebrating on everyone’s parts.

But mostly Stepan and McDonagh’s, as they annihilate their opponents. And adding insult to injury by opening the scoring against Vesey’s team with Vesey himself! Poor Vesey. Him and his many goals, real and virtual.

At least the kids were able to spoil the shutout and get a little victory for themselves. A 5-1 win for the Rangers at home sure does sound familiar for this season, though.