Steve Eminger Signs In The KHL

Former Ranger Steve Eminger has moved on from the NHL.

Per Sport-Express (stick salute to Laurie Carr) former New York Rangers defenseman Steve Eminger has signed in the KHL. Quick update here: Eminger has reached a "preliminary agreement." So he hasn't signed officially yet.

It was very obvious the Rangers had moved on from Eminger once the offseason rolled around. The Rangers made a slew of defensive signings (all of them depth) and have some youth in the wings preparing to come to Broadway in the future.

Eminger filled a very nice depth role for the Rangers during his time in New York, and really stepped up in the playoffs last year when the Rangers needed someone to replace Marc Staal. But, like I said above, it's clear Eminger wasn't in the Rangers' plans once the season was over.

Thoughts on this, guys?

P.S: I'm not sure if you saw, but I had an exclusive interview with Henrik Lundqvist today. Nothing crazy (so don't expect anything on his current contract negotiations) but some fun answers and a little peek on his offseason preparation. That story should be up on Monday so keep an eye out for it.