Sunday Morning Bantering Points: Are The Rangers Making Any Other Moves Edition

Sorry for all of the bantering points, but there's not much going on in the NHL right now.

- So the New York Rangers and Mats Zuccarello are apparently not that far off in contract negotiations. My guess is right now the years might be an issue, since Zuccarello himself said he wasn't looking for $2-million. I think a three-year $5-million contract is right about in the neighborhood of what he's looking for and what Glen Sather will give him.

- I've seen a lot of talk on Twitter about how Zuccarello "doesn't matter" in terms of the team's overall success. I disagree. I think Zuccarello was a big part of the Rangers success last year (after they acquired him, of course) and in the playoffs. The Rangers didn't have enough offensive talent in their bottom-six, they also needed help desperately on the power play. Zuccarello provided those things for them.

- I also have a feeling Zuccarello breaks out under Alain Vigneault. I think Vigneault's more offensive style and his plans for the power play are going to go a long way in getting Zuccarello around or over that 40 point mark. He's been a 40-point player (in terms of pace) his entire career (which is a very small sample size).

- Now let's think about this. If Zuccarello returns (seems very likely) and the Rangers agree to terms to Derek Stepan (going to happen) are the Rangers done making moves this summer? They've already brought in Dominic Moore and Justin Falk. I can't see the Rangers dipping into what's left of this already shallow free agent pool.

- The only move I can truly see happening right now would be a trade. The Rangers might need some cap relief, and depending on who the Rangers think will make the team between Chris Kreider, J.T. Miller and Danny Kristo they also might need the roster room.

- I'm still maintaining Brian Boyle doesn't go anywhere. The Rangers need his ability at the dot and his defensive play. He's going to be utilized a lot under Vigneault.