Sunday's Playoff Hockey Open Thread

The New York Rangers have taken the first game of their round two series against the Washington Capitals, the next game is scheduled for tomorrow at 7:30 at the Garden. In the other playoff game yesterday the Los Angeles Kings claimed Game One in their first game against the St. Louis Blues. Thankfully we have some more playoff hockey to watch today to help hold us over until Game 2 of the Rangers/Capitals series. There can never be enough playoff hockey!

Today's Games:

New Jersey Devils (6) at the Philadelphia Flyers (5) 3:00 PM (Game One of the series!).

Nashville Predators (4) at the Phoenix Coyotes (3) 8:00 PM (Phoenix leads the series 1-0).

Enjoy today's games gang. Remember to be respectful to guests and visitors. If we have trolls show up, trust one of the editors to take care of it.

Which series do you think will be more entertaining?

Coyotes and Predators57
Devils and Flyers276