The height difference between Magnus Hellberg and Henrik Lundqvist is kind of adorable

He’s 6’6! He’s 6’1! Five inches is actually kind of a lot!

Henrik Lundqvist is very good, especially as of late. Then again, we kind of knew this, didn’t we? He’s arguably one of the best goalies of all time - even though he’s older and has spent years going above and beyond for the New York Rangers, it’s not like a slump is going to spell the end of his career.

He’s also 6’1.

Meanwhile, there’s Magnus Hellberg, Lundqvist’s current backup, who’s nine years younger and five inches taller.

It’s really not all that much... until you see him going over to congratulate his fellow Swedish netminder. And then it’s kind of awesome.

Those GIFs come to us from Tumblr user oliverkylington, who really captured the spirit of a goalie and his much younger, taller rookie backup. And honestly? They’re adorable.

Plus how cool would it be to get to embrace and skate off with Lundqvist like that? Hellberg is living the dream.