The last player to score a hat trick in his NHL debut? Derek Stepan

Three isn’t four, but three is still pretty good.

On Oct. 9, 2010, Derek Stepan made his NHL debut.

On Oct. 9, 2010, Derek Stepan scored a hat trick.

The hockey world is abuzz about Auston Matthews’ NHL debut, which featured a four-goal performance from this year’s first overall pick. That’s fair enough; it was special, and nobody has really done that before.

But the last guy to score a hat trick in his debut was the Rangers’ very own Stepan, six years ago.

Time flies, doesn’t it? Since then, Stepan has played 434 NHL games, scoring 111 goals and 305 points. Here are his first three:

A former teammate of Stepan’s - one who was there, as a matter of fact - even had a bit of chirping for him.

Remember how awesome Stepan’s first night was, though? That was definitely one for the ages.