The Screwball Consults the Magic 8-Ball

Ok, we did this last year, and had a lot of fun with it, so it is time to put on your cape, your funny little soothsayer hat, shake up the Magic 8-ball, spin the wheel of Ranger decision-making, consult your horoscope, or whatever it is you do, and make some bold Blueshirt predictions for the 2010-2011 season.

We had some great ones last year:

A couple of people coming close on Marian Gaborik's games played and goal total.

Joe had Henrik Lundqvist's GAA coming in under 2.30, Hank did his best to make Joe look like a genius but could only get to 2.38

And then we had some not-so-great ones:

Jim Schmiedeberg 9-26-09:

1. Ryan Callahan will score 33 goals this year.

2. Matt Gilroy will win the Calder Trophy as the top rookie in the NHL.

3. Sean Avery will have the best year of his career, somewhere in the neighborhood of 55 points.

So here I go again with my fearless forecasting for 2010-2011. Please note that I accept no financial responsibility for any bets placed based on my prognosticating, I am merely the Miss Cleo of Blueshirt Prophecy, and am not to be taken seriously in any way, shape or form.

  • I am once again hitching my star to Ryan Callahan's wagon, he is going to score 30 goals this year.
  • Martin Biron will prove to be a capable backup for Henrik Lundqvist. So much so that Hank can be rested enough during the season to stay fresh all year, and he will finally win the Vezina Trophy as the NHL's top goaltender.
  • Chris Drury is going to score 21 goals. In a related story, he does this and I shutup about him.
  • Derek Stepan will be a serious Calder Trophy candidate.
  • Ryan McDonagh will make his debut for the Rangers by November 15th.

Bonus predicition: Rangers will finish 6th in the conference this season, shock the Devils in the first round of the playoffs in four games, and give the Penguins a tough seven game series before turning back into a pumpkin.

Same rules as last year, don't give me stuff like "Gaborik will wear Number 10", or "Rozsival will deflect a puck into his own net", that's too easy. I want you to reach deep down into your bag of tricks, and give me some good old fashioned prognosticating!

One final note: For those of you that may disagree with someone's predictions, let's remember this is all in fun, and be civil about it.

Special bonus points to anyone who can name the movie the picture in this story is from, and extra credit bonus points if you can name the actor.