This kid has the greatest room of all time

It’s so hockey. It’s so Rangers!

You know when having your own room as a kid was good enough? Like, just having your own space in general. That’s something every kid deserves.

This kid, though - he’s won the room lottery, with the most Rangers-themed room ever.

Some kids get their name spelled out above their beds with fancy letters; Rowan gets it with a jersey. Held up by a stick. His headrest is a hockey net, which might just be the coolest thing about all of this. (With obligatory water bottle! And of course it’s a Rangers one!)

Throw in all the Rangers bed gear - those are some very nice looking pillows and that’s a gorgeous blanket, with the colors, of course, working perfectly - and this kid’s room is definitely paradise.

Or, as the Rangers themselves put it, #Goals. Shoutout to Mr. Black for making all that happen for his son; that’s definitely the look of a kid who loves it.