Tom, Shayna, and Mike Draft the MCU as hockey players

On this week’s episode of Bantering the Blueshirts Tom and Mike were joined by BSB’s own Shayna Goldman (Too Many Men, The Athletic, Hockey Graphs, Behind the Benches). In addition to covering some Rangers-related news, we also took part in SB Nation’s Marvel week by drafting a starting six from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Draft Order

1. Mike - Captain Marvel

2. Tom - Scarlet Witch

3. Shayna - Spiderman

4. Shayna - Thor

5. Tom - Vision

6. Mike - Heimdall (G)

7. Mike - Hulk

8. Tom - Captain America

9. Shayna - Black Widow

10. Shayna - Iron Man (G)

11. Tom - Bucky Barnes aka the “Winter Soldier”

12. Mike - Thanos

13. Mike - Dr. Strange

14. Tom - Rocket Raccoon

15. Shayna - Ant-Man

16. Shayna - Black Panther

17. Tom - Gamora (G)

18. Mike - Drax the Destroyer

Shayna’s Team

Black Widow - Spiderman - Ant Man

Black Panther - Thor

Iron Man

Tom’s Team

Rocket Raccoon — Scarlet Witch — Vision

Winter Soldier — Captain America


Mike’s Team

Dr. Strange - Captain Marvel - Drax the Destroyer

Thanos - Hulk


Give a listen to this week’s Bantering the Blueshirts to hear the thought process (or lack thereof) behind our picks and enjoy the rest of your week!

Who Drafted the best MCU Hockey Team?