WATCH: Henrik and Joel Lundqvist work on Head & Shoulders ad together

What’s better than one Lundqvist? Two Lundqvists!

When we last left Henrik Lundqvist, he was shocked and appalled that Head & Shoulders had decided to go with a new face for their ad campaign. Specifically: the face of his identical twin brother, Joel.

Poor guy.

Things seem to have progressed since then, though, as Henrik and Joel have joined forces to work for Head & Shoulders together.

Henrik represents the head, while Joel...

In case you don’t speak Swedish, Tumblr user mesutsergio has a translation:

Joel: No. No. This isn’t working.

Henrik: What’s wrong?

Joel: Haven’t you read the script?

Henrik: I was the one who wrote it!

Joel: You?!

Henrik: We need one main part: me, and you get the shoulder part. You’re doing great.


Henrik: Come on! Smile, you’re getting a bunch of shampoo.

That seems fair enough. I mean, if you wanted anyone to be the head, Henrik is probably the clear choice (sorry, Joel; you probably understand).