Watch #ISOLHAC on YouTube!

Two of BSB’s own presented at ISOLHAC!

On May 9, the inexhaustible Alyssa Longmuir presented ISOLHAC — the isolation hockey analytics conference. You can watch all of ISOLHAC on YouTube!

In addition to some insightful presentations on NHL passing analysis, point trend values, and much more, ISOLHAC also featured informative workshops and panels. You can find a schedule of all presentations and panels in the graphic below.

Two of your Blueshirt Banter favs presented at this wonderful conference. The first being the amazing Mike Murphy.

Mike is one of the leading advocates for women’s hockey, between his work at the NWHL, The Ice Garden, Sporting News, and overall on the Twitter dot com. He’s written extensively on women’s hockey at all levels, from college and North American leagues, to international play.

Much of Mike’s focus has been on the statistical side of women’s hockey, which — even still — leaves a lot to be desired. Building on his manual tracking of counting stats, Mike’s current project — creating NWHL equivalency (NWHLe) translation factors — was the subject of his talk. There, he highlighted the progress in women’s hockey data, the gaps and challenges analysts face, and this newest achievement.

Along with his talk, Mike was also a part of a women’s hockey analytics panel with Meghan Chayka of Stathletes, Carlie Markey, and the amazing host of it all, Alyssa.

Both were fantastic additions to ISOLHAC and can be found in Session 2 of the YouTube stream.

- Shayna

The even more outstanding Shayna Goldman presented on contract analysis! In addition to writing and editing at Blueshirt Banter, Shayna is also a contributor for The Athletic, a co-creator and co-owner of Behind the Benches, and is one-third of the outstanding and popular new podcast “Too Many Men” with Alison Lukan and Sara Civian.

In her presentation, Shayna outlined valuable techniques to analyze NHL contracts that went far beyond a simple list of do’s and don’ts and using tools. Along the way, Shayna addressed some big questions that will benefit both writers and fans who spend an inordinate amount of time on How important are state taxes? How do we factor in trends among general managers for RFAs? What tools and resources are available for projecting contracts and drafting lists of comparable contracts? What is the best way to apply these tools?

Shayna’s presentation also can be seen on Session 2 of the YouTube stream, immediately following Mike’s presentation on NWHLe and translation factors.

- Mike

Mike and Shayna would both like to thank Alyssa Longmuir for organizing ISOLHAC and absolutely hitting it out of the park. Follow Alyssa on Twitter at @alyssastweeting!