What Is Wrong With The Rangers Power Play?

The New York Rangers officially hit the halfway point with their last game against the Ottawa Senators. While the Rangers still sit on top of the Eastern Conference, there is still some glaring issues that need to be addressed. Here is the mid-way analysis of the New York Rangers power play struggles.

First off, the biggest issue as of right now, as throughout the season has been the power play. While there has been some occasional sparks of brilliance, the Rangers power play has not been the greatest. Whether proven by stats or not, special teams can win games. We saw this in the last game against the Ottawa Senators. The Rangers had handfuls of chances, but didn't capitalize and wound up losing the game.

The problem that I noticed was that the players remain motionless on the power play. There is little to no movement going on when someone has the puck. Thus, the team killing the penalty doesn't have to move very much either, and has an easier time clogging up the passing and/or shooting lanes.

That is just my take on what I see wrong with the power play, what do you guys think?