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New York Rangers Officially Sign Igor Shesterkin, Confirm Kravtsov

Photo by Dennis Pajot/Getty Images

After reports surfaced the New York Rangers locked up Vitali Kravtsov this morning, they’ve confirmed they signed both him and Igor Shesterkin (he changed, or maybe confirmed, the spelling of his name, so it’s that now).

Despite unsupported claims earlier in the offseason that Shesterkin didn’t want to come to New York because of the log jam with Henrik Lundqvist and Alexandar Georgiev, Shesterkin is here! It is not yet known as of this writing is Shesterkin also has a European Assignment clause, but I would assume it does. Same with Kravtsov, that means nothing and it shouldn’t worry you.

With this confirmation the Rangers now have two of their three Russian prospects in the fold. We continue to wait on news for Yegor Rykov, but there’s nothing to insinuate that won’t also get done.