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Off the Post: The Breadman, the lack of diversity in the NHL, and more

It’s podcast time

Casey Sudetic and Tom Urtz Jr.

In this week’s edition of Off the Post, Joe and Mike get silly and serious answering a lot of thought-provoking questions in the wake of July 1.

As you might imagine, a lot of the questions that we fielded this week had to do with the signing of superstar winger Artemi Panarin. In addition to addressing Panarin and how his addition might impact the roster, including Chris Kreider, a listener also asked us why we think the NHL lacks diversity. Joe’s policy of not reading our questions beforehand resulted in us stumbling through the answer, but we eventually got to some of the important factors and discussed them. It really is a topic that deserves a podcast (or a series of podcasts) of its own. It’s something that we could potentially revisit later in the summer.

If you want to hear us talk about all of that and more, go ahead and download the latest episode of Bantering the Blueshirts: Off the Post!

You can also listen to this week’s shows by clicking here!

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Happy early Independence Day, friends.

Let’s Go Rangers.