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Off the Post: Training Camp Dark Horses, NJD’s offseason, and Prospects

The Battle of the Hudson is going to be epic once again

Casey Sudetic and Tom Urtz Jr.

Adam Herman and Tom Urtz Jr filled in for Joe Fortunato on this week’s edition of Off the Post! As per usual, we use Off the Post as our opportunity to answer listener questions which have been submitted by email, through our Patreon, and over Twitter using #BanteringPoints.

One listener question in particular stood out in this week’s show — at least to me. Together, we stewed over whether or not the New Jersey Devils had a better offseason than the Rangers considering all the moves that they made after drafting Jack Hughes first overall in the 2019 Draft. This could be a topic that we revisit later in the offseason considering how interesting the Battle of the Hudson is getting again, but we wanted to save time for other topics that our listeners wanted us to cover. Give it a listen!

You can also listen to this week’s show by clicking here!

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As always, thanks for listening and thanks for supporting the show. Our next episode of Off the Post is being released in just a few days.

Note: Joe is on paternity leave from the podcast for the next few weeks, so keep an eye and an ear out for some guest co-hosts!