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Rangers Add Jonny Brodzinski, Tim Gettinger, and Zac Jones to Taxi Squad

Tampa Bay Lightning v New York Rangers Photo by Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images

The New York Rangers have added more players to their taxi squad.

Zac Jones had been previously assigned to Hartford on January 14, and both Brodzinski and Gettinger were assigned to the Wolf Pack on January 18.

The taxi squad now includes Brodzinski, Gettinger, Jones, Morgan Barron, and Tyler Wall. In terms of what this means, there’s no immediate answer. The Rangers can have up to six players on the taxi squad at any given time, and will be going on the road for a game vs. the Carolina Hurricanes on Friday. So it essentially could be the team adding some insurance.

It is possible the team makes other moves, but for now that’s the information we have. After playing the Hurricanes in Carolina on Friday, the Rangers return home for games vs. the Arizona Coyotes on January 22, the Los Angeles Kings on January 24, the Columbus Blue Jackets on January 27, and the Minnesota Wild on January 28.