Is Ales Kotalik on the way out?

I know we don't like to get into a lot of rumors, but this one comes from someone who is usually in the know when it comes to stuff like this. Remember, this is unconfirmed until something happens, but it's something to think about.

Tonight on Blueshirt Banter Radio, we got what could be a little bit of a scoop. Our good friend Ricky, who does a tremendous amount of sports marketing and promotion, including a lot with the Rangers, had a card signing booked for Ales Kotalikin March. Ricky has received a call from Kotalik's agent cancelling the signing, and has refunded the money to Ricky that he paid up front for the signing.

According to the agent, Kotalik has asked for a trade, telling the Rangers he is not happy with the organization, and wants to be traded, released, or he will defect to Russia. Kotalik has allegedly told the Rangers he would like to be traded out west.

Worth keeping an eye on at this point.

Ales Kotalik

#12 / Right Wing / New York Rangers



Dec 23, 1978