Lindy Ruff completely accepting of Cody Eakin’s suspension for running Henrik Lundqvist

Ruff’s response to his player’s suspension is level-headed, reasonable, and entirely welcome.

You can never be quite certain how a team will react to one of its players getting suspended. In the end, there will be some form of acceptance - after all, the player will have to sit out, and the team will have to make due - but it can get ugly along the way.

Fortunately, that doesn’t appear it will be the case in Cody Eakin’s suspension for his hit on Henrik Lundqvist.

The NHL handed him a four-game suspension, and Dallas Stars head coach Lindy Ruff is perfectly accepting of it.

It’s always good to see the coach on the other side of things take a reasonable approach to it. Fortunately Lundqvist wasn’t injured on the play; as much as the suspension won’t change the fact that the hit happened, at least it - combined with Ruff’s response - will hopefully make Eakin think twice about pulling such a move again.