Marc Staal Injury: Could Marc Staal Really Return In 2-3 Weeks?

According to a rumor from Kevin Dupont of the Boston Globe, Marc Staal could only miss another 2-3 weeks of action. Will take a look at whether that's believable or not.

There were several rumors floating around Twitter this morning, about the possibility of Marc Staal returning in two to three weeks. All of this was stemming from a report by Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe via Twitter, "Provided no hiccups, [Rangers] figuring Staal to miss another 2-3 weeks."

Fast forward a few hours as Andrew Gross tried to get an answer out of the New York Rangers. According to Gross, the New York Rangers neither confirmed or denied the report by Dupont, which could put a bizarre twist on this whole situations. At first, it's a little weird to see Staal going from being "out indefinitely", to only missing a couple of weeks. It's also a little strange to see someone who's doesn't cover the team, come out with a very bold statement like that. Maybe Dupont knows something that everyone else doesn't?

Either way, I wouldn't read too much into the original rumor, as there has been no official confirmation from the team or the media covering the Rangers. But hey, if he's right and Staal is actually back in 2-3 weeks, you won't see me complaining.