Mats Zuccarello is the face of a chocolate bar

Because when you think of Norwegian chocolate, you think of-- wait, this is getting away from me.

A couple of months ago, Mats Zuccarello shared a rather interesting little video on his Instagram. It comes from a time of shooting commercials - specifically, commercials for Lion Bar, a chocolate bar that's evidently popular in Norway.

Always lots of action working with Lion

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But they didn't stop there. In fact, there's a series of adds featuring Zuccarello and... well, a lion that appears to be his friend.

They're all pretty cute, but my favorite is easily the second one, where Zucc does his own impression of a lion roar. Oh gosh. It's just perfect. (Also, in the fourth one, you get to watch him shower!)

And now, it appears his face is completely out there, as apparently Lion Bar is offering a chance to win a trip to New York (so Zucc really is perfect for this!):

So... who wants a Lion Bar now?