New York Rangers Analysis: Full Attention Turned To Callahan; Dubinsky Signing

Now that Brandon Dubinsky's contract is finally signed, the New York Rangers full attention can now turn to their final RFA, Ryan Callahan. Ranger fans have been dreading this past Thursday for weeks, hoping that Dubinsky would not reach arbitration. The dream came true when the Rangers and Dubinsky settled on a four-year deal.

The Rangers can now shift their main focus to Ryan Callahan. Now, Callahan has a look at some similar figures in which he will receive from the Rangers. As stated before, there has been on-going debates on what figures both players would receive, everyone now has a base offer for Callahan. Some say Callahan should receive more, and some say he should receive less than Dubinsky.

Follow me after the jump for my opinion on Callahan and the Dubinsky signing:

As George stated in an earlier article, Callahan should clock in about $3.75 million. He states that his contract is not solely based on skill level, but games played. I could agree with that figure, but would not be surprised if he receive a little more. Based on Dubinsky's numbers, his agent would most likely try to get him around the same. Callahan brings the leadership on and off the ice; Dubinsky brings the grit and toughness along with his leadership. Both play a huge role, and I'm not sure where this team would be without them.Now on to Dubinsky's new contract. This was another one of Sathers great signings this off-season. Simply put, he is "killing it" as some would say. Bringing back Dubinsky adds even more leadership and he also has offensive ability to put at least 20-30 goals a season. Along with his offensive ability, he brings toughness and sometimes will even drop the gloves for his teammates.

At the end of day, this team is stronger than it was yesterday. We've had to say that a lot this off-season, I'm truly liking what Sather has done this off-season.

What are your thoughts guys? How do you feel about Dubinsky's new contract?