New York Rangers Player Profile- Brandon Dubinsky

I must warn you in advance that I previously wrote a very similar piece to this one about Brandon Dubinsky, so rather than re-embedding the videos, I will direct you to this post to look at videos of Brandon Dubinsky playing at his best.

I wrote in February that:

The Rangers need Dubinsky to not just score, but to try to get to the net and cause problems for the defensemen of the opposing teams. Dubinsky's hesitance throughout the season to play physical and really drive towards the net has hurt the team, and has caused the team to consider trading him, in addition to his new contract.

Since I wrote that on February 23rd, Dubinsky has scored four goals, but his hits and shots on goal totals have both increased, showing a harder working, tougher Dubinsky.

I would not say Dubinsky is 100% right now, but he is definitely on the upswing, which makes the playoffs even more important for the young center.

I like to call the playoffs a "second season," as everything starts over and there is no evidence of struggles or statistical weakness. For Dubinsky, that could be exactly what he needs, an opportunity to start over, and help the New York Rangers win a Stanley Cup.