Rangers News: The Blueshirts Get Back to Work

The Rangers Olympic Break officially ends this morning, when the team (well, most of them) will gather at the MSG Training Center for their first team practice in about 10 days.

One week left until the trading deadline, so the rumors will be picking up steam in the coming days. To buy or to sell has been the debate on this site over the last month, and while the consensus of most fans has been to sell, if you have followed the Rangers for long, you know that they are rarely a team that sets up a table at the flea market come trade deadline.

Will Sheldon Souray be a Ranger next week? Will Brandon Dubinsky? Will Glen Sather pull another rabbit out of his hat and find a way to rid the team of some of the albatross contracts he has doled out? It's going to be an interesting week, that much is certain.

Let's just remember not to get all caught up in the rumors; we all know there are quite a few people who make their living off pulling NHL trades out of their keister. We will as always try and find the most credible info out there to bring to you guys.

Looking forward to getting back down to Ranger hockey.