Taking a look at some other opinions on Marian Gaborik

So while most of us are pretty excited about the signing of Marian Gaborik, I came across a few other "sides of the story" I thought you might want to take a look at.

Let's start with Ray Slover from The Sporting News. Ray compares the Rangers roster to a Yugo, and says that Gaborik is just another part that can break down at any moment.

A few of the highlights of Ray's story:

Were that the only worry about Gaborik, Rangers fans could feel a bit of comfort. Their team is in the throes of its annual offseason overhaul, meaning the roster is a work in progress and must come together quickly in training camp.

Ok, we know Gaborik chafed under Jacques Lemaire's defense-first scheme in Minnesota, and Rangers coach John Tortorella employs the up-tempo style Gaborik longs to play. But how soon will it be before Gaborik gags at Torts' demands? Tortorella can be ... shall we say, acidic?

Alright, so Ray either doesn't agree with the move, or just needed something to write about in July, that's fine, Ray is entitled to his opinion, but I love the genius comments from his readers, especially this one from "orazio31892":

[Note by Jim:  you can click the link to the story to see that I didn't change one word of this guy's post]

all new york does is try to buy their way into championshipz......r u kidding me....every guy they bring in falls down hill or contributes very little.....there all busts.....jagr,gomez,drury....wash upz......they got rid of most of their young prospects,,,dawes??? and now gabroik,,,,hes guna break his leg????hell play one year and want to leave....rangers have a gaping defense that needs to be fixed sero=iously....rangers will hold the eight place seed this year...and thats jus because of lundqvist...

This tool gets my nominee for "Worst Grammar of the Year", hands down, not to mention his complete lack of hockey knowledge. Jagr's first two years with the Rangers were among the best of his career; but to this brain surgeon he's "wash upz"? Rangers have a "gaping defense" that was 3rd in the conference in goals allowed?

All I can say is Thank God he isn't a member of this site.

Finally, file this one under the topic of "Bitter Much?" Hockey Wilderness bids Gaborik a not-so fond farewell: (click the link for full story)

Thank you for everything you did while here. Thank you for the hold out when your first contract was up. Thank you for allowing your teammates to shine in the playoffs while you went for a skate. Thank you for making it clear to your fellow NHLer that playing Minnesota was a place you hated more than anything on Earth. Thank you for the comment earlier this season about "If they would just pay me what I am asking..." It is all greatly appreciated.

One genuine thank you. Thank for the five goal game. That was, indeed fun to watch.

Enjoy New York. An organization known the world over for signing washed-up-has-beens and over-priced-never-really-were's. You mean that part was not included in the DVD they played for you? Oh, well, I'm sure they meant to tell you about that.

Your insincere thanks and your presence here are no longer welcome. Good bye, Mr. Gaborik. Unlike Fozzy, and Stephane Veilliex, you will NOT be missed. At least not by me.

While I can understand Wild Nation being upset, it's always easier to bash a guy after he's gone. Who knows, we may be saying all the same things in 5 years, you never know. Bottom line is, I do believe the Rangers are a better team with him than without him. Only time will tell if I'm right or wrong.

Final footnote on this, Larry Brooks mentioned Gaborik in his story yesterday about the Devils' hiring of Jacques Lemarie:

That was then. This is almost now -- two years ago when Lemaire was coaching the Wild, winger Marian Gaborik finished seventh in the NHL with 42 goals. He was 43rd in the league among forwards in ice time with 19:35 per game and fourth among Wild forwards, trailing Brian Rolston, Mikko Koivu and Pavol Demitra.

And that stat wrapped in Lemaire's philosophy explains why Gaborik rejected Minnesota's contract extension offer this past October of 10 years at $78 million. The winger instead signed a five-year, $37.5 million free agent contract with the Rangers.

So that should give you a little final insight on why Gaborik opted out of Minnesota, and it should also have you salivating at the extra ice time he should see under John Tortorella.