Ryan Callahan trade rumor: Sather targeting Martin St. Louis

With Ryan Callahan's pending free agency, Glen Sather and the New York Rangers brass continue to pursue possible trade suitors.

Here's what we know: Ryan Callahan is an unrestricted free agent after this season. The New York Rangers and Callahan's camp have reportedly been far apart when it comes to a term length on any extension. And Glen Sather and co. have at least been testing the waters when it comes to potential trade options for the 28-year-old captain.

Here's what's new: At least new to us, but Martin St. Louis' name is now at the forefront of a new rumor. One of the media members who's been pushing this deal is Boomer Esiason. He went on a Twitter tear this weekend, hinting a trade was in the works that would involve Callahan in a one-for-one deal, sending him to an Eastern Conference team for a player who just participated in the Olympics.

Larry Brooks gave the rumor more of a yellow light, saying while the Rangers are kicking the tires on a deal, Steve Yzerman was reluctant to pull the trigger. From Brooks:

...but Yzerman's absolute lack of interest in dealing his leading scorer in exchange for a rental property has been made clear to the Rangers.

While Esiason never outright named St. Louis over the weekend, he took to his radio show today to clarify St. Louis was the player he mentioned, and went on to pretty clearly state where he thinks the deal is at.

"Now, one of the reasons I sent out those clues over the weekend is because there is a lot to discuss about it. There is a lot of passion that is associated with who Ryan Callahan is and what he means to the Rangers fan base. The passion that Marty St. Louis has with the TBL and what he means for those franchises and what it means for franchise flexibility with free agency next year.

"I believe that it gets done and the only reason it doesn't get done is if somebody gets cold feet."

A few things to remember about the trade deadline: It's very fickle. There's no use arguing if Brooks or Esiason is right, because they both could be right; trades are on-and-off the table day-by-day. There's really no definitive answer to where the Rangers and Lightning stand on this kind of deal unless you ask Sather or Yzerman.

We'll keep you updated on new information as it becomes available, but, St. Louis is definitely a name to consider right now.